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Based in Warwickshire, serving Leamington Spa, Southam, Bishop’s Itchington, Harbury, Ladbroke, and other nearby towns and villages.


Wasp Nest Treatment
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Wasp Species: The Likely Culprits


Of the many wasp species in the UK, it is the ironically named “social” wasps that can be a serious nuisance from May to October.

A wasp sting can be extremely painful and potentially life-threatening in the case of an allergic reaction. 


In most cases, the nest can normally be treated successfully from the ground using specialist long reach application equipment.

Unsuccessful Treatment

In the unlikely event that treatment of a specific nest has been unsuccessful, a re-treatment shall be provided at no extra cost.


Within hours, activity should subside and by the following day should have ceased all together.

We Do Not Treat Bees’ Nests

Please note that the treatment of bees’ nests, though not actually illegal, is not a service that we offer.

Happy Customers

“Apricus is a friendly local service that gets the job done without a fuss. I would certainly recommend and use them again if I needed to.”

Robin Davis, Harbury

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Is your work guaranteed?

While it is highly likely that the treatment will be successful first time around, we provide a FREE re-treatment if required.

Are all your quotations free of charge?

Yes, all quotations are free.

How long does it take for you to get to me?

As we are a local Warwickshire-based business, time to get to you depends only on the number of bookings we have that day. Please call for availability

Are you properly certified for pest control?

Yes. All staff are fully qualified and certified by the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA).

Are you a fully insured business?

Yes, we are fully insured.

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